Chapter 1: The MC Is a ‘No-Lifer’


Drenched in steaming water, a man materialized in the middle of a grassy plain; he was completely naked, with a foamy, white substance in his short, black-hair.  He casually muttered “Okay then… that was weird. Hmmm~ probably aliens? Well, I could just be dreaming, or dead, but somehow, this place feels kinda… different? Maybe I was abducted, or fell through some sort of trans-dimensional portal, heh. Sigh, they could have at least waited until I was finished though.” As soap leaked into his eyes, he shouted “Ow-ow-ow, shit! Damn it! Gah, oi, whoever brought me here; couldn’t you have waited until ‘after’ I got out of the fucking shower!?”

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